Mobiare allows it's users to manage their mobile devices (up to 5 tablets, smartphones ...) using web browser. You can perform simple activities regarding safety of your devices such as:
•    device location (with history if turned on);
•    remote screen lock (with password change, new password is sent to e-mail address);
•    remote data wipe (factory settings);
Mobiare consists of application installed on mobile device and web application used with web browser. You will find detalis regarding those components below, in corresponding sections
Installation and configuration
To use Mobiare you need to register (create account) on server and install and activate Mobiare application on your mobile device. Those steps are described in details in futher segments of this document.
Mobiare works on devices equipped with Android 4.2 and newer. You have 7 days to test Mobiare on your device to see if it fulfils your requirements. Device must be allowed to connected to Internet.
With Mobiare account you can manage your mobile devices. When logged in you can add/remove and manage devices. To create this account only e-mail address is required. You need to remember that to this e-mail address (provided during registration) system will be sending important information such as activation link, devices activation codes, lock codes and other important messages so it cant be burner e-mail address. You can create Mobiare account at any given moment at .
Ekran rejestracji
The System will ask for e-mail address (this e-mail address will be your user name when logging to Mobiare), password and then password verification. When completed ths system will send account activation link to provided e-mail address. Log in to your mailbox (look in spam folder if there is no message from Mobiare in main folder), open message form Mobiare and click this link to confirm registration. After this registration is completed and you can use the account.
Mobiare mobile application allows device activation in the system and logging to the system when launched again. It works in background to allow exectution of remote commands from Mobiare user (you) or storing location data (if periodical location is turned on) Mobiare can be installed in two ways:

a) from Google Play (for users logged to Google Play service Google Play) – recommended method. After installation you can launch the application and activate the device. Please see section "Adding and activating devices" to learn how to do it.
b) from , download section

In case b) you need to allow device to install programs from unknown sources (usual Android path: settings/security/unknown sources). Check the "Unknown sources" box. and accept the warning by clicking on "OK". Now you can install Mobiare mobile application (choose "Package Installer" if Android asks). Immediately after installing Mobiare you should uncheck "Unknown sources" box (same way as described above but uncheck the box). You can now launch the application and activate the device.Please see section "Adding and activating devices" to learn how to do it.

Ekran instalacji i aktywacji
Using of Mobiare
To add a device to Mobiare system you need log in to your account on then click "Add device" button and proceed according to instructions displayed during the process.
Dodawanie urządzenia

When done an e-mail with device activation code will be sent to address provided during registration

Mail z kodem aktywacyjnym
Launch Mobiare on mobile device and enter this code (device must be allowed to connect to Internet). Press "Activate" button to finish the activation.

Ekran aktywacji - urządzenie mobilne
When you log in to Mobiare or refresh page if you are logged in you should see added device available for management(see image below):

Przykładowy ekran po aktywacji
When you click new device symbol (described as "Unknown") you can see its details and describe it according to your requirements.
Below you can see example of described device (with added photo for easier identification).

Przykładowy ekran szczegółów urządzenia
Warning: Descipion below regards full screen computer version of the interface (notebook, PC). Button layout may vary depending of the device used.

To work properly device added to Mobiare system needs to be allowed to connect to the Internet. It is necessary for sending commands to the device and receiving feedback from it. After logging to Mobiare you see map with last known location of all your devices (this view is also shown after clicking Mobiare logo in left upper corner). There will not be any devices if no device were added to the system or were never located or account was inactive (not paid) for more than 2 months. Each device can be described individually and graphics (photo, symbol, icon) can be added to help you identify given device .

Warning: If device symbol is marked with red and you see warning displayed it could mean, that someone tried to disable Mobiare on given device (see image below):

Ekran szczegółów z ostrzerzeniem
You can select given device by clicking respective button (left side of the screen).  
When device is chosen (on tle left panel) detailed information is displayed. You can also see bar with additional buttons. Those buttons allows to:

  • a) Show device details
  • b) Locate device
  • c) Lock device
  • d) Wipe device
  • e) Remove device from the system
Button shows or hide device selection panel.

Opis elementów ekranu szczegółów
By clicking this button you can display basic information about the device. You can also describe the device according to your requirements (and also add individual graphics)
If location button is clicked it displays a map with location of the device from 0.00 current day (if any location information was sent from the device). By clicking green "Request location" button you send immediate location request of the device (if the device is connected to Internet location should be visible within minutes). You can also click panel with dates to show a calendar and get access to historical locations data (if there were any locations stored - for example periodical location was turned on for some time). We keep data from at last 2 previous months. Location markers can be presented in different colours - green means that location data was sent immediately to the Mobiare server, red colour means that location was determined but device had no connection to the Internet and this location data was sent to the server after restoring Internet connection. This is Mobiare advantage - location data are stored on the device if the device is not on-line (this functionality regards only location data from GPS satellites not from hot spots or GSM base stations) . This is Mobiare advantage - we are able to store location data

Ekran lokalizacji
If locations are close Mobiare will group them. You will see circles with number of locations grouped. You can zoom in to see details and single location. Circles can have different colours and size - it depends on number of locations covered by given circle. Location markers can be connected with line to better show movement of the device ("Draw/delete lines" button). You can locate at any given moment ("Locate now" button) or turn automatic periodical location in pre-defined intervals (5,15, 30 minut). You can change this setting by clicking location interval button (see image below)

Ustawianie lokalizacji automatycznej

To see history of location you should use pop-up calendar. You can choose pre-defined period or set your own (30 min accuracy- see image below). Mobiare stores location data for at least 2 months.

Lokalizacja - dane historyczne

Location remarks:

Mobiare uses most popular methods to locate a device (GPS, WiFi networks, GSM base stations) Each time system tries to find most accurate location (GPS). If this is impossible (device is in building for example) less acurate methods are used. It is possible that a device will not be located (no GPS, no Internet) Please remember, that devices such a tablets or smartphones were not designed for location purposes mainly and are have some limitations. Each device and their operating systems may vary so even for this reason location information in Mobiare are approximate. Accuracy can vary from few meters (GPS) to few hundred meters (when GSM base stations are used). When periodical location is turned on device can send few measures from the same place in short intervals (from GPS and hot spot for example). If for any reason Mobiare mobile application establish the location it stops it's activity to preserve device's battery. Operation will be resumed at next scheduled moment ( after 5,15 or 30 minutes depending on settings). Please remember that frequent location can drain battery faster than usually and increase costs of data transmitted by mobile device. Finding the location takes some time so data presented in Mobiare may do not reflect schedule exactly (periods between measurements may be a little different than scheduled for example 16 minutes instead scheduled 15) Location frequency means, how often device will try to determine it's location and send it to Mobiare server. If device determined it's location but were unable to send this information to Mobiare server it will store it locally (on the device). This information will be sent to Mobiare server as soon as device is connected to the Internet. These data is presented by red markers in Mobiare as off-line data.
By clicking "Lock device button" (marked with padlock symbol) you launch the procedure of remote device screen lock. You will be asked to confirm your decision and entering the code displayed (additional confirmation, bot protection). As soon as device screen is locked (not sooner- it needs to confirm lock) you will receive an e-mail with new screen unlock code. This function overrides previously used methods of unlocking the screen (for example pattern or face recognition) and sets up PIN code lock. You have to restore your preffered unlocking method after unlocking the screen with code you received from Mobiare.
All user data and settings are remotely removed from the device by restoring it to factory settings. By clicking red button "Device Wipe" you launch the procedure of device wipe. During this procedure you will be asked to confirm your decision by entering additional code. The code will not be displayed on the screen but sent to e-mail address provided during registration (stronger protection than in "Lock" function).
By clicking red button "Remove device" on device details screen you launch the procedure of the removal of the device from the Mobiare system. You will be asked to confirm your decision and entering the code displayed (additional confirmation, bot protection). Device removal is irreversible. To uninstall Mobiare application from the device you need to turn off it's (Mobiare) administration right (usually ""security" section of "settings" in your device) then proceed with uninstall. If you want to activate the same device again you need to reinstall mobile Mobiare application and add it to the system again (procedure described above) .
Functions available after clicking gear icon (upper right corner of the screen). allows to modify user data, make a payment or analyze payments. Here you can also log out from the Mobiare system and find help.
FAQ- Frequently Asked Questions regarding Mobiare
Your device must be allowed to connect to the Internet to enable Mobiare to transfer data from the monitored device to the system and receive commands from the system (lock, wipe, locate now, change location update interval).
Support phone +48 505 050 585 (intnl. rates apply) support email: